Rough Cutz

by dudegirl

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written recorded demos.


released January 16, 2014



all rights reserved


dudegirl Phoenix, Arizona

dudegirl was a band consisting of daniel demi and anessa. they had three albums. R I P DUDEGIRL. 2012-2014.

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Track Name: the summer.
my friends are all broke, as broke as me
no life losers, waste all our money
stay up too late, sleep in all day
our parents hate our guts, yelling as we drive away
blast music too loud, fucking it all up
going 90 in a 45, ask if we give a fuck
have a lot of time to shoot the shit, break a lot of laws and get away with it

too young for all the bad things, old enough for the good
drive too fast and drink too much, it feels just like it should
this life feels like it's enough me, i'm fucking telling you it's enough

gabby hits me up saying she's restless and weird
and i get in my car, too stoned to steer,
make to the city, feel half way dead,
but tomorrow night i know we'll do it all again

because we're too young for all the bad things, we're old enough for the good
drive too fast and drink too much, feels just like it should
this life feels like it's enough for me, i'm telling you its all good

and by the time I'm 35, i might not remember it all
too many brain cells wrecked, too many stumbles and falls
but when the nights in phoenix dip below 102,
thats exactly what i wanna remember,
being a teenager with you
Track Name: patootie.
you asked my band to play a show
we couldnt do it
i said no
I dont sing so good in real life
no one gets it
it’s alright
this song just played five times in a row
I didn’t notice, let it go
my eyes are closing, fall asleep
i work three hours this week
i’m an adult
lets age fast
i dont care how long this lasts
Track Name: welcome kings.
I lived too fast
ill die right now
it's time to rest
my tired pal

i stayed the path
i walked it true
but in the end
i was born to lose

so pop the pill
and tie the rope
snort a line
and smoke some dope

my family they'll cry
my loss they'll mourn
but it wasn't like
they were never warned
Track Name: 7AM car demo
I’m falling for something that’s not even there
remember that time when you played with my hair
I guess it’s my fault i didn’t speak up
now i wish my mind would just shut up

never kissed never dated never even shagged
just throw the cigarettes in the bag
i don’t even like to fucking smoke
but right now it’s what i need the most

it’s too late to tell you how i feel
fucked up, forgot to take my pills
i knew what i was doing but it still hurt like hell
i basically ate the key and locked my own cell

it’s alright, i’m happy for you,
no really, truly, it was the best thing to do
don’t feel bad, its not your fault
should’ve left this song in the fucking vault